Sustainable Communities Start on the Farm

What does sustainable economy look like in todays world?  


How can agriculture make an impact on our supply chains?


What does it mean to build affordable homes?  


Hemp 4 Humanity aims to demonstrate the answers to these questions by rebuilding disenfranchised communities with local materials grown sustainably by Michigan Farmers.  Hemp offers us the ability to see what a circular economy can look like based in locally sourced agricultural waste.  Eliminating the need for over extended, wasteful global supply chains.


Better for people & Better for the Planet

Recently we have become painfully aware at the strain our production has been putting on the stock of resources we rely on. Our current mode of operation has proven to be riddled with "shortages", price hikes, and negative environmental impact.  Fortunately with the birth of an entirely new agricultural industry that has the potential to bring the means of production and distribution back to our own communities.


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Michigan Hemp Farmers Alliance

Regenerative Farming is the new old fashion way of production.  A farmers primary job should be to produce food for the community.  We are now learning how to use the by-products of agricultural food production to supply industrial feedstocks to the consumer economy.  This is the foundation of an economy based in renewable resources.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Check out how we can leverage hemp to create infrastructure that supports local supply chains.  How do we take material from the farm and turn it into carbon neutral consumer goods.

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Affordable, Eco-Housing Solution

Partnering with cutting edge architects and conventional developers, we chose to display this potential in affordable housing because it is also a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce for the average family.  Building homes out of agricultural biomass allows us to maximize the impact of the budding hemp industry in three ways, economically, socially, and environmentally.

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May 2021

H4H Cultivation Begins In Michigan

In our first year our goal was to gather metrics on hemp farming and build a farm to retail business model.  We did this with the oil from that crop and made CBGenius completely with local resources. 



MHFA Forms

Formation of our farmers CO-OP and collaboration with the National Hemp Growers Co-op in order to produce material for Renewabuild Detroit 2023.

Renewabuild 2023 kicks off

June 2023

With the City of Detroit and multiple local organization a 20 family eco friendly low-income housing development construction begins.

May 2022

Michigan Fiber and Grain Trials

This year was spent doing variety trials to find the hemp best suited for building materials in Michigan.

April 2023
Posa Processing 

Formation of our farmers CO-OP and collaboration with the National Hemp Growers Co-op in order to produce material for Renewabuild Detroit 2023.