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Farmer Owned Processing 

Our mobile processing facility solves the chicken and egg dilemma faced by the hemp industry.  We do this by providing a facility that matches the scale of the acreage being grown. 

Tier One

Hemp acreage is scarce and widespread in Michigan.  This prevented a feasible route for farmers to sell the hemp they grow.  By using a mobile facility we aim to accommodate the acres being grown all over the state in a profitable way.  Starting with smaller mobile equipment bridges the supply chain gap seen in the hemp industry.  

We are also able to minimize the risk to the farmer by offering co-operative ownership in this equipment.   This not only offers more ways for the farmer to profit off of the biomass they grow but also sets up a scalable model that will grow with the farmers as more acres are planted for cellulose dense commodities.

Tier Two

Secondary processing entails turning this processed hemp into manufactured building materials.  This will be done in two ways. We will do the smaller structures as prefabricated modular  panelized systems. These will be manufactured in Detroit using a 15,000 sq ft  warehouse space. This will allow the project to begin construction over the winter  months. These houses will then be brought to and assembled on site. Assembly will  take less than a week per home once the foundation is laid. The larger community  center/assisted living building of this project will be constructed with the community  itself. Hemp building is a participatory process that anyone of any age can be involved  in..

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