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Take a look at the hemp building projects coming down the pipeline in Michigan.

Eco-House Design

Our first collaborative hemp design project.  This will be the proof of concept home for us to measure how we can most affordably incorporate sustainable design into our eco-friendly housing units.  Construction of the pre fabricated hemp walls is currently under construction in our workshops.

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Renewabuild Detroit 2024

Our mission is to do more than just provide resources for the homeless in Detroit. Our mission is to cultivate a community that is a resource that can grow, heal, and build a sustainable support system for those who need it. Our target for these developments is the disenfranchised populations of disabled, veterans, recovering addicts, and the elderly. These populations in Detroit are in dire need of what most consider basic human rights; shelter, food, water and energy. These are the things that will sustain life for these people but what will allow them to actually live are the love, support, and purpose that comes from working and collaborating towards a larger goal. We hope to provide all these things in an environmentally friendly way.  Fundraising will begin in Spring 2023


WoodsEdge Wellness Canary Homes

 WoodsEdge Wellness will be looking to build its first truly healthy home in the Spring of 2023.   The partners' goal is to provide a progressive reproducible model for affordable housing focused on holistic well-being, sustainability, and environmental impact. Born out of immense need, this initial development is designed to address the unique housing and health challenges of the growing ME/CFS and Long COVID communities. This will be the first of several community-based housing developments planned for the United States. 

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